You need a professional headshot. You’ve done the google search for the best headshot photographer in your area, you purchased a new outfit, made your appointment for hair and makeup, now what?

We have a fool proof list to help you nail the perfect headshot before you leave your office to go to your photo shoot.


The truth is, clothing speaks volumes in a headshot.

If you are having a tough time deciding what to wear for your corporate headshots, it’s a good idea to consider the clothing you wear to work.  Classic business suits are always a great choice for women.  A blouse with pants or a skirt also work.  However, most headshots will not show your pants or skirt, unless a full-length image is requested.

It’s important to avoid trendy clothing.  You don’t want to choose an outfit that is out of style in six months.  Your headshots are an investment, so you want them to have a classic look that continues to look professional for years to come.  It’s also a good idea to choose fall or winter styles instead of summer clothing.

It’s usually best to choose something conservative for your photos, but this doesn’t mean you can’t let your unique sense of style shine through in your photos.

Splurge on Hair and Make-Up

For headshots, you want “natural look” makeup.  You don’t want to apply your make-up lightly but you do want it to look natural.  Be sure to match foundation to the natural colors of your face and neck.  Editing foundation that doesn’t match the skin is nearly impossible. Be sure to apply lipstick evenly.  Also, even if you don’t normally were lipstick, it is highly suggested you wear lip gloss.  Be sure your eyebrows are waxed or threaded a couple of days before your headshot. Even if you use brown mascara, it is suggested that you use black mascara for your headshots.  Pay close attention to mascara clumps. Even better yet- consider having a make-up artist do your make-up for you to ensure it looks perfect. Don’t try a new hair style/color before your headshots. Keep your hair clean and classic.

To Tan or Not to Tan?

A little sun keeps you from looking washed out in your headshots.  However, it’s easy to ruin your headshots if you overdo the sun.  Sunburn can cause straplines, red cheeks, peeling, and red noses.  These problems are fixable, but touchups will cost you more.  Please do not use tanning lotions or tanning beds before your headshot.

Trust Your Photographer

We are one of the leading headshot and branding photographers in the Bloomington Normal area. When you hire us, you are doing that based on our images and your research, so you trust us, right? This doesn’t mean you can’t communicate your wants and needs for your professional headshots with us. We are here to walk you through the entire process. We like to keep the lines of communication open with our clients. We capture the best headshots in the most beautiful light!

Confidence is Key

Once you pick your photographer, you need to practice confidence. Sounds a little silly, right? The most important thing is how you feel in front of the camera. We will take a lot of images and a lot of images will be really crappy, but we are looking for that one image that is the most amazing version of you! Practice relaxation techniques and have a confident attitude during your session. This will help us get more usable images.