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Trust and confidence

Make Sure You Have That Edge

People do business with other people. Having your face in front of your targeted audience creates a connection and builds trust. A great headshot shows you are likable and is a key factor in your business or career growth. Be sure you have that edge so you are unforgettable!

Raise your visibility and value

Regardless of your age or how long you’ve been at your job or have been running your business, industries and organizations are changing. Having an up-to-date headshot will positively impact the workplace experience for your clients.

percieved value

Your perceived value has a lot to do with your headshot. A customer’s opinion of the value of your service or product has little or nothing to do with your price. It has a lot to do with how they perceive your service or products. Have an upper-hand in the game, by having an amazing, professional headshot.

better opportunities

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Your credibility is based on your perceived expertise. Having a professional headshot gives you that perceived expertise, which in  turn heightens your credibility. 


A potential client is always looking for that degree of confidence. If they trust you, they will be motivated to contact you. A great headshot will convey that trust to your potential clients.

trust the process

 Our Process

Posing and Expression

Everyone has a “good side” that they prefer. Finding the perfect angle for your headshot should be left up to a professional. I will teach you the body language and facial expressions that will show who your best side.


image selection

Reveiwing your images happens on-site during your headshot session. This leaves the guessing out of the equation to see if your images turned out or not. Your feedback on the images is immediate and I can fix issue during your session, rather than finding an issue and trying to fix it later.


images retouching and delivery

Your final image selection gets the finishing touches added to it. I make sure that your skin is smoothed while still keeping it’s texture. My process ensures that your image will show the best version of you while still making you look natural. Blemishes and stray hairs are removed, glare in glasses is fixed, and your skin is smoothed and toned to show the most natural “you.”

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